Group Programs Given we are part of a social world, there is no doubt that individual success relies on our skills to integrate socially and effectively within the communities we live in. CBC offers a wide range of group programs targeting specific client interests and needs:

Integrated Therapies At CBC, we value a holistic approach to understanding and supporting individuals. While our clinicians are licensed experts within their own disciplines, our service model is based on an integrated team approach in working with any client. CBC clients have our commitment to serve them, not just through individual sessions with their clinician(s), but with a broader, collaborative clinical perspective that gives each client access to and support from any and all relevant disciplines.

Parent & School Involvement At CBC, we believe in the saying that, “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” While clients can trust our clinicians to provide quality professional services, we know that parents and schools are primary team players in a child and adolescent’s daily life; hence, working closely with valuable internal and external team members, and providing educational programming where necessary, is standard good practice in CBC’s integrated approach model.

Screening & Diagnosis Understanding an individual’s profile of strengths and weaknesses to best guide intervention and help our clients reach their optimal potential is standard practice at CBC. Clinical interviews and standardized assessments are administered, as necessary, to provide “best fit” treatment and programs to our clients. Whether the client requires brief Diagnostic Screening or a more comprehensive, multidisciplinary Team Assessment, CBC offers clients a range of assessment services to help understand their individual profiles.