Understanding an individual’s profile of strengths and weaknesses to best guide intervention and help our clients reach their optimal potential is standard practice at CBC. Clinical interviews and standardized assessments are administered, as necessary, to provide “best fit” treatment and programs to our clients. Whether the client requires brief Diagnostic Screening or a more comprehensive, multidisciplinary Team Assessment, CBC offers clients a range of assessment services to help understand their individual profiles.

Diagnostic Screening

Diagnostic Screening involves clinical interviewing and brief measures to help assess a client’s symptoms and symptom levels in order to provide diagnostic data or provisional diagnoses, as relevant.

Specialized Assessments

Clinicians are qualified to provide various well-established, and internationally-recognized, standardized assessments that evaluate development across behavioral, socio-emotional, language, motor, adaptive, and cognitive domains

Team Assessments

Unique to the region, CBC proudly offers Team Assessments, completed by an expert panel of clinicians across our departments, which provide clients with a comprehensive and truly integrated team evaluation.