At CBC, we believe in the saying that, “it takes a whole village to raise a child.” While clients can trust our clinicians to provide quality professional services, we know that parents and schools are primary team players in a child and adolescent’s daily life; hence, working closely with valuable internal and external team members, and providing educational programming where necessary, is standard good practice in CBC’s integrated approach model.

Trainings & Workshops

Customized to the need of the client or organization, our services offer trainings and workshops across all departments: ABA, Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy .

Educational Credits

Given CBC’s qualifications within the prestigious DHCC community, our center is one of the few organizations offering Educational Programs for interested parents, students, and professionals seeking advanced learning and training opportunities.


CBC provides on-site and off-site visits to clients in need of consultations and/or observations within specific settings and group dynamics.

Program Development

Based on the needs and requests of clients, CBC provides customized program development to nurseries, schools, and other centers and organizations, addressing a wide range of client goals, including behavioral, social, vocational, and early intervention programming.