At CBC, we value a holistic approach to understanding and supporting individuals. While our clinicians are licensed experts within their own disciplines, our service model is based on an integrated team approach in working with any client. CBC clients have our commitment to serve them, not just through individual sessions with their clinician(s), but with a broader, collaborative clinical perspective that gives each client access to and support from any and all relevant disciplines.

One-on-One Therapies

Our services offer one-on-one therapies across all departments: ABA, Speech & Language, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology.


Given our mission to make mental health services more accessible to the broader regional communities, CBC offers a confidential and convenient method of intervention through Telemedicine services.

Team Collaboration

program planning for clients based on our team collaboration mindset; whether the client’s case would benefit from review at our internal clinical team meetings, scheduling for a formal Team Assessment, or facilitating multi-therapy appointments, it is our mission to ensure that CBC offers truly “interdisciplinary” programming where possible and best fit for the client.