Given we are part of a social world, there is no doubt that individual success relies on our skills to integrate socially and effectively within the communities we live in. CBC offers a wide range of group programs targeting specific client interests and needs:

Pre-Vocational & Vocational Programs

Developed under our OT service, Pre-Vocational and Vocational group programs help youth learn new ways to manage and deal with the environments in which they engage. Group members partake in group sessions and community outings to develop advancing skills in areas such as: Self-Regulation, Safety Awareness, Money/Time Management, Personal Appearance, and Workplace Preparation.

Social Skills Groups

Developed as part of our ABA service, small groups of 2 to 3 children are paired to work on basic social skills development. Behavioral strategies are used to build skills in areas such as: Initiating, Sharing, Functional Play, Pretend Play, Eye Contact, Joint Attention, and Reciprocity. Core language skills are a prerequisite for these groups.

Socio-Emotional Programs

Developed under our Psychology service, the Socio-Emotional Programs emphasizes socio-emotional skill development as a critical piece in achieving success across all areas of a child’s life. Friendship Groups, Top Leaders Groups, and Star Athlete Groups target skill development in mainstream students in areas ranging from improving general peer relationships (i.e., cooperation, self-awareness, social awareness, problem-solving) to advancing into model global citizens amongst their peers and community (i.e., social conflict resolution, leadership strategies, maintaining motivation, creating collaborative teams).

“Life Groups” for Teens and Adults

At CBC, our comprehensive services extend to teenagers and adults who need to find purposeful activities of daily living. Our combined Occupational and Behavioral approach supports individuals in achieving independence by gaining the skills, education and practical experience necessary to reach their full potential. Having 20+ years of experience, our parent company The SAILS group specializes in supported and independent living services. At CBC, our vision is to maximize the potential of Individuals with Disabilities through the promotion of life skills, independence, self-determination, community inclusion and social skills training.