Program Registration

CBC offers a wide range of programs across clinical services, including our Early Intervention, Vocational, and Mundo Friends programs. Sign up for the next opening before registration slots are closed. Please note that in order to ensure our “best fit” goals and to maximize the benefits for each child, some programs require specific Clinician recommendation and/or approval for entry.

Therapeutic Intervention (Get started with therapy)

Following the Initial Consult and/or Assessment, your child may be referred to therapy services. Your Clinician will discuss with you the frequency, duration, and setting best fit to address your child’s needs within their discipline. For some children, intensive one-on-one intervention is most appropriate, for others, a range of weekly or “as needed” sessions may be recommended either individually or in group format; a combination of interventions is also possible, and may work best for many children.

Sessions are usually scheduled as 45-minute hours, although our programs vary at CBC according to what is considered “best fit” for the child. Clinicians monitor progress regularly and intervention modifications are always made, as necessary, to ensure that your child is receiving the best clinical care in achieving his/her goals.

Team Assessment

Some cases require a truly comprehensive assessment, involving the attendance of a multidisciplinary group of clinicians from different departments. For such assessments, multiple screening measures may be used, including a clinical interview administered jointly by all assigned team members with the child and his/her parents present. Team assessments are typically completed on the designated Clinic Day at CBC and require advance registration and approval.

Formal Assessment

Depending on the Clinician’s recommendations and department requirements, your child may be evaluated across a wide range of behavioral, language, motor, psychosocial, and/or developmental areas. Assessment time varies depending on the needs of your child, and the measures to be administered. All assessments are administered by qualified Clinicians who understand the importance of standardized data, as well as the individuality of your child. Usually, assessments also include parent and teacher questionnaires that provide additional data not directly observed during appointments.

Once all measures are completed, the Clinician can analyze the data and identify your child’s level of functioning across relevant areas. A formal report is provided to the parent following a Feedback Session with the parents reviewing findings and diagnostic information, as relevant. Reports not only specify the child’s strengths and weaknesses across skills and abilities, but also outline recommended clinical goals and interventions.



Schedule First Appointment

Once your referral information has been obtained, you will be offered the soonest available Initial Consultation appointment with your preferred Clinician depending on type of therapy required. The licensed Clinician will meet with the parents and child to gather relevant medical history and background information. The Clinician will review your child’s past interventions and assessments, if applicable, and determine whether a Site-Observation and/or additional or updated Assessment/Evaluation (standardized testing) is necessary prior to proceeding with therapeutic interventions. During this consultation, parents are also encouraged to ask questions and learn about CBC and the Clinician(s) working with their child.

Center Visit

Parents are always welcome to visit our Center and attend any of our Coffee Morning Events to get a viewing of our site and meet some of our team members. Scheduling an individual visit with a CBC Parent Liaison is a great way to be introduced to CBC and get a better feel for what we are about.

Referral Call

As Parents, you are the primary source of information regarding your child’s development and the nature of concerns. When you contact our center, a Representative will obtain your basic contact details, as well as general information regarding your child’s needs to best assist you with appropriate clinician referral. Depending on your interests and available services at CBC, you will be referred for a complimentary appointment with a CBC Parent Liaison or may straight away book an Initial Consultation appointment with one of our Clinicians.